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A New Solution for Winter Goggles
New on the market, the Opticwrap® protects your goggles from scratching and fogging, on and off your helmet! The water resistant, snow repellent polar fleece wraps around your goggles quickly and securely with magnetic snaps, and Tough Tex(TM) rubber pads keep the goggles from sliding off your helmet. Opticwrap® fits all sized goggles, kids to adults. Keep your goggles dry, your vision fog free, and your face warm this Winter! Protect your goggle investment with Opticwrap, and experience a better way to ride. For a limited time, each Opticwrap purchase comes with a chance to win another Opticwrap free.
Please note: the opticwrap® does not fit oversized goggles. We will have a larger size available in the near future.
opticwrap® - The Original Goggle Wrap
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